In the middle between the centre of Ellezelles and the windmill “Cat Sauvage”, is a small road... If you drive too fast, you pass it unnoticed !! But here it is indeed: a small lane “Camp et Haie”, almost in the garden of the famous restaurant “Le Château du Mylord”.




In the “Heart of the Hilly Land”, four charming and spacious guesthouses are waiting for you in the middle of the Natural Park.... This is the place to be !! At least,...
...If you enjoy quietness and calmness,
    ...If you adore a diversified and hilly region,
        ...If you appreciate a warm and cosy guesthouse.
And certainly,...
            ...If you are looking for a place to feel really “at home” !!

Situated in the middle of this undulating land, our guesthouses are surrounded by nature in all it’s beauty. Calmness, authenticity and kindness reign. The hilly landscapes, the magnificent panoramic views, and the simplicity of rural life make you enjoy this splendid abundance with all your senses !! Our guesthouses are part of a modest horse-breeding farm. So, if you want to bring your own horse, with or without a carriage, this is, again, the place to be !!

The “Hilly Land” has made many efforts to offer you, nature-lover, a large diversity of way-marked routes, much to the joy of hikers, riders, cyclists or MTB enthusiasts. Culture-lovers can stroll around in beautiful and ancient towns such as Tournai, Ath, Gent and Oudenaarde. Gastronomists will be tempted by the numerous small restaurants and for sure by the famous restaurant “Château du Mylord” in the immediate surroundings of the guesthouse. Let this unique natural splendor and patrimonial heritage seduce you and feel free to take a break in the heart of our beloved region !!

You don’t have to be “sporty” to stay with us !! The guesthouses are comfortable, warm and cosy: some prefer to stroll around just for the pleasure to have a chat with the neighbours, others are happy they can finally read that book without being disturbed,

Or they can fully relax by doing nothing at all... Isn’t it heaven !!

Of course, if you are interested in coming a few times a year or you need accommodation for several months, you can count on another tariff !!